Training Program and System Design

Course Design

A “Course” or “Event” references a single unit of training.

TLA develops, implements and manages individual courses for organizations (Including Organizational and Professional Development trainings). We work with government agencies, non-profit organizations and other training providers to develop Live In-Person, Virtual Live or Asynchronous courses. We can develop courses with your content specialist or we can do the research to develop content.

Program Design

A program is typically made up of several courses, modules and events.

  • A Course references a single unit of training.
  • A Module is either a micro learning or a piece of a Course that can be broken out on its own.
  • An event would be a live forum, webinars, or broadcasts.

TLA develops, implements and delivers training programs specifically developed for clients and customers of human services and economic development. We can work with your team and content specialist to develop a program customized to your needs. We can also provide research and development of content to help you develop your program.

Training System Design

TLA develops, implements and manages large scale training projects that span across regions, states, multiple agencies and/or departments, includes: Research, Design, Implementation, Integration, Analysis and Replication.

Data Capable

  • TLA can offer multiple levels of tracking participants usage, completion or achievement.
  • To support organizations’ programmatic goals, FHI is capable of collecting, analyzing and reporting data on participants’ learning.
  • TLA can accommodate the level of data collection interest of the participating organization.

TLA has the ability to collect data on long-term programs or processes.

Online Conference Hosting

TLA can help if you’re interested in moving your conferences online or want to better track the outcomes of your conference.

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