Professional Development

Human Services Essentials Program

The Human Services Essentials Program is designed to prepare human service professionals to apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes across diverse practice settings, while building program capacity so as to offer clients the highest quality care and support.

Para-Professional Academy

The Para-Professional Academy is designed to introduce prospective Human Services employees to the information necessary to be successful in the field, support their hands-on learning process and enhance their skills.

Motivational Interviewing Integrated Learning Programs

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a collaborative communication strategy that has been shown to be very effective in challenging situations and is currently used in health care, schools, mental health, substance abuse treatment, social work, and the Justice System.

The Motivational Integrated Learning Programs consist of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of training on Motivational Interviewing.

Trauma (Healing) Informed Care Integrated Learning Program

Therapists, Counselors and Non-therapist direct service providers (case managers, navigators, etc.) need to understand Healing (Trauma) Informed Care (HIC) in order to work well with program participants. It is important to have a foundation knowledge of stress, trauma, secondary trauma, burn-out, and compassion fatigue; along with their corresponding signs, symptoms and effects.

Frameworks in Financial Health Integrated Learning Program

This essential class develops participants’ understanding of the causes and consequences of financial stress, and skills for utilizing fundamental tools for personal, professional and organizational improvement in financial health.

Human Services Financial Health Professional Certificate Program

The Human Services Financial Health Professional Certification Program (HSFHP) is designed to better prepare professionals in the human services field with vital skills that are applicable for coaching, case management and counseling. INITIAL TRAINING: The Frameworks in Financial Health training is the first step toward a deeper understanding of financial health and stress, for an overview of the basic concepts and tools needed to improve a person’s personal economic situation.

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