Designing, developing and implementing innovative and effective learning for 14 years

We deliver financial health and economic education curricula and classes to a wide range of participants from diverse, economically vulnerable populations, and the professionals and organizations that serve those people.

Our approach is informed by the latest research in learning strategies, behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience, resulting in award-winning educational and training services that can be customized to meet each participant’s needs.

We also utilize technology and rich media to enhance, improve, and track our training delivery and outcomes.

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning is accomplished by supporting learners over an extended period of time with multiple touch points and learning styles to provide the most impactful and effective learning opportunity. TLA utilizes live trainings blended with technology, online classes, videos, and coaching to enhance the participant’s experience so they can better retain and implement what they have learned in their job and personal life.

Integrated Learning System

An Integrated Learning System is developed by working across multiple agencies or programs to develop training that is researched, aligned with missions, intentionally efficient, effective and measurable. The system might include a wide range of training programs that are all built as Integrated Learning Programs.

Integrated Learning Program

An Integrated Learning Program is a more narrowly targeted program to be implemented within a system. A program is typically made up of several courses, modules and events.

  • A Course references a single unit of training. For instance, Bootstraps Asset Building Education is an 8-hour course
  • A Module is either a micro learning or a piece of a Course that can be broken out on its own.
  • An event would be a live forum, webinars, or broadcasts
Tree diagram of Integrated Learning System

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